About GayButNot’s blog

I’m a 41 year old homosexual male, who lives in what I call “Bottomville, Ohio”… which really is Toledo, Ohio (too many bottom men, who want to be the sexual female role, even when claiming they are “versatile”).

I have been told that I have succeeded and tend to be rather well-liked, due to the lack of sexuality openness. Not broadcasting who I sleep with, seems to have worked in my favor, according to the few co-workers who know me outside of the workplace. I noticed the same thing too. Two other employees are frowned upon, for being “out” and “in your face.” The only other gay man I know, is of the same exact thinking. Now he’s not a co-worker anymore…retired.

I am single, relationship oriented, but have to settle on “sex” to get by. This is pursuant to the gay community’s lack of relationship oriented values.

I am conflicted by my sexuality and my morals, but can keep them separate. I am of “family values” (including non-annoying/overly open homosexuals), respect and personal responsibility, which goes against most of the “gay communities'” standards. I have been more open about family values, than in the past. I am not the “Upgrade” type, like the song “Call Your Girlfriend” by Robyn. I believe in total honesty, even when brutal. I may have some “stereotype aspects”, but am not the sterotyped “gay” man.

The above moral values shape what my blog is about. I am here to express myself, educate the public of my experiences, and to create a place for other conservative homosexual men to know there are other homosexual conservatives somewhere in their same boat.

Feel free to make comments and express yourself.  However, caustic comments will not be approved and removed. They are counter productive, which does not suit this blog.

Please note that you will not change my thinking. I have had years of experience, which shaped who I am and what I think about.


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