Gay Marriage: It’s NEVER going to be time!

The big topic of today seems to be New York’s huge gay marriage events this last weekend.

I am truly glad of those who want to actually get into relationships. However, I am not at all pleased to see so many people trying to make a political statement. I also am not a fan of person’s who mock what real marriage is.

Toledo, Ohio seems to have had it’s own version of “gay marriage statements” being made as well. This event always took place on Valentine’s day. A local couple “Tom and John” always made it to the courthouse to get a marriage license. However, one year, it was revealed on who the couple really was.

I was actually shocked! I knew the man. I also know him intimately. But now I realized I did not know him in the light I thought. Tom was always on one of the “major gay chat sites” that also owned a magazine. That’s how we met. We met for regular adult “get-togethers” and seemed to hit it off. I surely didn’t know of his other side. Neither did most of the gay chat room.

What was amazing to me… was that he and his “partner” were both seeking adult fun, separately. I would always see John in the same chat room too, sometimes at the same time as Tom.

Needless to say, their relationship was not of one that was “traditional” in nature.

As this aired on WTOL 11, they mentioned that the couple was trying to get married on the same day for years, yet kept getting turned down.

What I am feeling… is that this whole situation is not only NOT worthy of being in marriage, because it’s not true… but is also activist, in nature.

Now if marriage is going to happen for gays, we MUST make sure it is of pure, innocent nature. Not a political statement, that mocks the whole institution.

Yes, marriage can give legal boundaries for the gay community (who already tends to be irresponsible), but it also gives certain rights to those who want to commit to relationships…and stay committed.

But now here’s something to think about: If marriage is between a man and a woman, what’s to say that we should not move in a direction that makes a new term for it. Why can we not call it something like “getting spoused?”
If it can work for various other titles…like “Director of First Impressions” as being a receptionist… Why could it not work here? We know “marriage” is not a term we homosexuals (and gay people) will never be able to use federally, or within some states. Let’s call it something else, for both gay and straight couples.

Marriage will never be accessible by the gay community. People are noticing the political statements the gay community is making, mocking what marriage is all about; and it’s also about the actual term being protected and how it discriminates against same sex couples (which is the same thing as “Separate but Equal”).

No, it’s never going to be time for “gay marriage.”

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