Conservative gay: The new terrorist?

The writing is already on the wall. Michelle Bachman will be a terrorist.  Conservatives who share her views and persons who are open to her point of view (since this is America, with guaranteed free speech through the First Amendment) will soon become terrorists too. Seems that those who do not think like the “norm” of American society… will soon be associated with Michelle Bachman.  “Norm” meaning no rules for anyone and total freedom without responsibility or repercussions.

With this being said, because I hold “family values” as a major virtue to keeping my life and the rest of the country in order, I will soon be a terrorist too, by association. Never mind my thinking that hurting anyone human or animal… not for food or other sustenance. Part of this comes from my root of being abused, and seeing animals abused too, as a kid… even in foster homes and adoptive homes, besides with my biological parents.

Is it really fair to call me a terrorist? Since I do not have the resources, the willingness to harm anyone, not to mention “flashbacks,” I definitely think this label is not fair, for myself. I even intentionally “think ahead” and look how my actions make others suffer, as I once had done. I believe that I’m the furthest thing from being a terrorist. Therefore, I can clearly say that even thinking that I am one is not fair to the person calling the “terrorist.” When you look at it, it actually insults the accuser, who refuses to look at the total evidence in front of them, that I have no such intentions or inclinations.

Just because I like Michelle Bachman’s message, does not mean that I have any inclinations of being a terrorist, having ill will towards others, nor myself. She also has a right to her thoughts, as WE ALL DO, per the Constitution of the United States. It’s not fair to associate her or me to Oslo Norway and the Conservative Killer, who wreaked havoc in Oslo and the camping island area. Same for any other conservative doing badly, and myself.

Terrorist, definitely not. Conservative, definitely.

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