Giving ourselves away too much

Recently, there have been many stories on the teenage fellow who was promoting that being gay was going to be fine, in time. He was telling the world that being out of the closet is hard, but will get better. However, he suddenly took his own life. His name was Jayme Rodemeyer. His parents didn’t even know what he was going through. Now he is to be a martyr for homosexuals everywhere.

I do have to say that I feel for Jayme and fell bad that he was overtaken by something… Therefore, taking his own life.

Now comes the part that really is controversial…. It was his own fault, partially.

I am not being mean, when I say that this guy was in over his head, in what he did to himself. He was on Facebook, Youtube, and other social media, giving other people ammunition against himself. People were able to see who he exactly was, what he sounded like, where he lived, etc. His community alone, knew him too intimately. And for a teenager of 14 years old to be letting everyone in his world and beyond know this… actually is kind of sick. He seemed to be too far out there, while the parents watched him do it.

There’s allot on the privacy of social media…and how powerful it is. This is one case that it turned out wrong, in so many ways. Jayme gave too much away on it.

Another case and point, not of Jayme…. But of Chaz Bono. I feel that most people would not have gave a flig if they saw someone named Chaz Bono….and never knew anyone was “changed” into him. I’m pretty sure that Chastity keeping quiet and not giving away ammo to the public, would not have caused negative publicity and feelings.

There are a few lessons from both Jayme Rodemeyer and Chaz Bono:

1)  Stop telling everyone your business. They WILL use it against you, while making you think you are adored. As things look great for you, they may just not be. You do not have to be gay, homosexual, transgender… or anything to get burned.

2) There is no privacy on social media. What you put on the internet…. is no longer your own. You cannot control it. So putting things out there can get out of control…and out of your’s. This means that someone else is in charge of a site or service… and anyone can copy, download and get something and store it somewhere, for infinite amounts of time.

3) It’s disrespectful to be so out. If it were respectful… would people have taunted Jayme and many other homosexual/gay teens and adults? That’s doubtful. Also, by coming out… you are not thinking of your peers and community…. you are thinking of yourself. Remember, being gay is not an attention getter, as it once was. I know, myself. That’s why I stayed in the closet. For me, it would have effected too many people negatively.

4) All actions have consequences, no matter what Hollywood says or had said. People do not respect the gay community, as a whole. They still think gays want “special rights,” by getting special anti-discrimination and marriage laws in place. A move towards another name for “gay marriage” and heterosexual marriage should be strived for. This whole idea of  “gay marriage” is a special right, based on the institution that’s been around forever. Maybe that institution needs to be abolished and be called or made into something else… that’s not “special rights”… or equal to everyone. I’m homosexual… and even seeing “marriage” as a special right. The world will not respect gays, as long as they want special rights. I cannot respect my own community, until it decides to forge towards EQUAL change.

5) If you want to be transgender…. be it… don’t just blab about it. go from one sex to the other…and fully live it. Do not go back or tell everyone. Many transgender people tell of their switch… which actually holds them back. They tend to be unemployable, but not disabled. Keeping quiet on the switch, may assist a better future. Being quiet is not denying, but just not talking in public  or work about it. And yes, I did know transgender people, in my past. I saw what happened to them… and what lead up to it.

At least think about these lessons, before you do anything in public… even “swish” about. You may be giving too much away, that you might not want to give away, even without Facebook or YouTube.

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