“Wants over needs” Issue

We all want things in our lives. We all know that we cannot have all things that we want. But what if we got all that we want? Is it really something we really should have? It’s a question I have been thinking about lately.

Recently, a guy out of the closet, who lives somewhere downstairs from me. I could clearly see that he was feminine and “swishy.” I could also sense that “gay tude” exuding from him. I thought to myself, if he didn’t have the tude or if he were more masculine, I’d probably date him. He wasn’t “cute” in a superficial way, but had a certain set of things I look for in other men, if I date them. Just the 2 things got in the way. I then left him alone and only say hello to him from time to time.

I walked by his car the other day, just like I always had done many times before. I saw something new. It was something that slapped me in the face.

We all know that President Obama “released” the gay troops in public, at a gay dinner. The dinner was for the equal right coalition…. or the yellow equals sign on the blue box. THis had many, including me, equate that symbol as a gay marker. I am not alone on this. One of my friends is under that same exact impression. Her thoughts were “queens already have enough symbols of themselves.” She said it far more politely than I would have.
We both think that there are too many symbols for one group of people. The triangle, the lambda, the multi-color (rainbow) flag, the double “Shield and arrow” male symbol… need I go on? Now there’s one more to add to the list.

The one that I saw the other day was the new one, yellow equals sign on the blue box.

I though to myself…. “Overkill!” Everyone can tell he is gay, now he really made himself gay. I described his mannerisms above, but didn’t think he NEEDED to do this.

I then began to ask myself, “what if we all got what we wanted all the time?” I know I am seeing it in many other places and am starting to think that it’s poisoning the meanings of other things.

Lets take money. If nobody works to get money, everyone gets a welfare check, money is not regained or reclaimed by the government, who is going to give out those welfare and SSI/SSDI checks? Nobody will be able to, if the meaning of money dries up, since everyone is getting what they want… a tax free welfare payment.

I am see ing this exact same thing with the gay community. Coming out is no longer an event, an attention getter, an aww maker, doesn’t thrust one into hero status (as once before), it also is not making people respect those who are attracted to their own genders… or any other of the LBGT (lesbian, bisexual, gay, transgender) community. The meaning of the “gay community” is too watered down. It’s made gays “spoiled.”

With that being said, one of my semi-closeted friends mentioned that I might be rather successful at my job, because they know I am gay, yet I have not confirmed it. I look at it as being selfish for me to “come out” and force those co-workers to not have a choice on how much they know me. I find that it’s not watering down who I am and who I am attracted to. I also seem to be getting enough respect to be at my job 14 years, when all other gays have been long gone. Hence, I am not watering down what I am and what I stand for, by giving other people a choice. I am not poisoning people around me.

I realize that I am only one of the 10% (as previous reports showed and not have updated since) of the USA. I live with that, since it’s not me (my homosexual self and thinking) in the majority. I’m not trying to minimize my sexuality…. I’m just not trying to let it out of where it belongs and where it should stay.

Next question to ponder… will this ever happen if gays ever decide to become human?

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1 Response to “Wants over needs” Issue

  1. I think the only time I had any of those symbols was when I was in high school…when I had them for shock value and as rebellion. I’m a pack rat, so I might still have some of it in storage somewhere. I grew out of that stage of rebellion and wanting to shock people eventually…unfortunately most of the gay community has not.
    Though considering how many guys I get hit on, even with short hair and no makeup, I may have to consider some rainbows somewhere to make a point. *le sigh*

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