Sex: Difference from being bi or straight

When it comes to sexuality, i can now say that most of us are at least a little curious about the other side of the fence. Sometimes we dabble in the waters that seem to be forbidden, quenching our thirst of what we are not supposed to do. This includes homosexuality.

Throughout my life, I had many bad homosexual sex experiences. The question I asked myself…. What is so different from a man who acknowledges he sleeps with other men…. versus the man who calls himself straight. Seems the answer is rather simple. Let me explain.

A man who sleeps with other men will traditionally allow himself to assist the other male in getting to climax. On the other hand, the “straight” man, refuses to bring his partner to climax, because he cannot or simply refuses to deal with male sex parts, other than his own. I have also noticed that straight males tend to be rather selfish in nature, based on what they want sexually. Many straight men will also be scared of “dirty anal” love making. They will always insist on their male partner douching, before they will even think about that form of love making.

The one issue that I have with these males is that they tend to be masculine, and rather appealing in my eyes. “I cannot stand a prissy man”…. such as Julia Sugarbaker once said on Designing Women. I feel the same way. I’d be more attracted to John Wayne than I would be with Richard Simmons. Straight men aren’t prissy… well mostly, if they didn’t shave their chests and curl their hair… or even use hair spray or use “Manscara.”

Too bad most of the good masculine men play games, as I detailed above.

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